Cara menginstall Maktabah Syamilah di Windows 7 (How to Install Maktabah Shamela on Windows 7)

Installing Shamela on Windows 7 by Fatahillah

Please be patient... since the file size more than 3 gigabyte it takes time to load everything into memory.

Do the following:

1. Install MUI Pack for Windows 7 which include Arabic Language Pack

2. Open Control Panel>Change Keyboards or other input methods

3. Open Administrative>Change System Locale>Arabic (Saudi)

4. Run Setup for Maktabah Syamilah 10000

5. Do Upgrade the EXE file to Maktabah Syamilah 3, Copy e-shamela 3.22 into Maktabah Syamilah folder and change the files name as necessary

6. Set the library folder path by running the Maktabah Syamilah 3.22

Done and Enjoy the knowledge...

Some differences between version 2.xx and 3.xx

1. Version 2 has capabilities in display Right to Left text but limited to certain Windows version from ME to XP version and will face some problem in Vista and Seven. Version 3 has no problem with both of Vista and Seven.

2. Version 2 has no capabilites to adding PDF file into the Shamela Library while version 3 able to put some of it.

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